K&K at Helsinki, Finland

It’s rainy and gloomy here this morning. Pretty much how Vj, I and the girls are feeling. After spending a month and a half with us, Vj’s parents left at dawn. Their stay with us feels like a dream. Rather it was a dream-come-true for both Vj and me to host our parents in a foreign land! We enjoyed their love and company over the last month. We are missing them a lot already.

As I walked back home after dropping the kids at school, the weather took me back to our day at Helsinki – just that it was more rainy and more cold with brief intervals of hail and snow!

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Rediscovering Myself as a Mother!

Ask my closest college friends and they will tell you how becoming a mother was my all time dream. I used to dream and tell them how cool it must be to take care and nurture cute little people, shop pretty clothes for them, doll them up, take them for every music, sport and dance class which I couldn’t go as a child!

My dream did come true and along with it came humongous responsibilities and concerns (concerns about their well being, health, security, education, behavior… you name it!).  Continue reading “Rediscovering Myself as a Mother!”

K&K at Gröna Lund + Turning 34

I spent an entire year thinking I was 34. Subconsciously I was dreading my birthday, since I would be 35 and 35 is only 5 years away from 40!

Thanks to my dearest friend, Rebekah, who enlightened me that I was completing 34 this year! Now I can relive 34 all over again!

Since, my birthday fell on a Thursday, I requested hubby to save the celebration for Saturday due to his work and kids’ school! AND… Also, I wanted a day long celebration 😉

We spent our Saturday at Gröna Lund – a small sea-facing amusement park in Stockholm! What a memorable day it was!

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