Rediscovering Myself as a Mother!

Ask my closest college friends and they will tell you how becoming a mother was my all time dream. I used to dream and tell them how cool it must be to take care and nurture cute little people, shop pretty clothes for them, doll them up, take them for every music, sport and dance class which I couldn’t go as a child!

My dream did come true and along with it came humongous responsibilities and concerns (concerns about their well being, health, security, education, behavior… you name it!).  Continue reading “Rediscovering Myself as a Mother!”

When Kids Paint a Yogurt Mess or Life Gives you Lemons…

Recently, I started documenting my kids at home in photographs – just as they are, amidst all the clutter and chaos, doing what they are doing, wearing what they wearing, completely unposed and in black and white! (You can check out a some of the images here!)

I consciously keep my eyes and camera open to capture their everyday moments – when they burst into laughter or have a meltdown or when they are quarelling or playing together… Always watching for those in between moments where there is so much life happening!

A few days ago, one evening, after we had a long tiring day, we were sitting in our drawing room. Kaity had just finished her dinner and her plate, with left over yogurt, was lying on the table. All of us were too exhausted to even clear the table!

The minute Krissy spotted the dollop of yogurt on the plate, she came, dunked her hand in it, ran to our mirror and started painting a mess!

Continue reading “When Kids Paint a Yogurt Mess or Life Gives you Lemons…”